Cat Anal Sac Problems

2 small brown points by anus

by Lorie

My cat has 2 small brown points sticking to or out of the sides of his anus. He is a clean indoor cat. I tried to very gently to move it and he knows it. I do not want to hurt him or tear something but I am concerned about what it could possibly be. He had crystals in his urine a little over a year ago and is on Royal Canin S/O food. They are small but big enough to see without my glasses.

Dear Lorie,

Without actually physically seeing him or seeing a photograph, it is hard to say for certain what the brown spots are that you are seeing. However, if they are located on either side of the anus, it is most likely that you are seeing the openings to his anal sacs. These anal sacs secrete fluid, and having some discharge or crusted buildup in the area is perfectly normal.

If you are still concerned, you are welcome to send a close-up picture of the area and/or bring him to a veterinarian for an exam.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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Anal Gland Removal

by Jill

Hi, I've read your website info re feline anal glands but haven't seen the answer to my question. At what point do you remove them and what are the risks?

My 2 1/2 year old kitty, Molly, has had problems on and off and she's had them expressed 4 times now (twice in the last 2 weeks). I'm afraid that I'll miss the warning signs and she will rupture.

When I see my cat 'scooting' across the floor, I know there's a problem. But recently she exhibited behaviour problems and I didn't even think about her feline anal glands. When the veterinarian examined her, she expressed them because of Molly's history and they were 'very thick'. It would be so easy to miss the signs - not happen to see it when she scoots.

I love my cat very much and just want to do the best thing for her and keep her safe and happy.

I appreciate your thoughts on what to do.

Thank you,


Hi, Jill,

I have never removed the anal glands of any cat. The surgery is not without significant risks, considering the area where the sacs are located. I have never NEEDED to remove the anal glands of any cat.

Worse case scenario first: even if the sacs rupture, which in my cats only practice of 20 years has been quite infrequent, they will then heal (with the help of your veterinarian).

However, most cats with chronic cat anal sac problems can be well controlled for their entire lives with regular manual expression of the anal sacs and adding bulk to the cat's stool through the use of fiber products such as psyllium added to the diet or by using a prescription high fiber cat diet.

I hope that answers your question!

Dr. Neely

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