(Cat) "Astro" (phe)

by Sarah
(Selby, North Yorkshire, England)





Vocal, playful and hugely loving, he is always looking for attention.

He is extraordinarily affectionate, the friendliest & most people-oriented cat I've met or owned. They are all special; but Astro is in another league. You can't overwhelm him with cuddles or affection. This may be part of his Ragdoll lineage.

He goes out in the rain and then howls to be toweled dry.

He is always there to greet me, throwing himself upside down to have his tummy rubbed.

Like many cats, Astro likes to play fetch; a rolled-up paper ball provides endless entertainment, you throw, he brings it back.

He is an excellent hunter, although we do not encourage this.

Like most cats, Astro does not conform to the laws of time and space, and principles of physics as we know them:

When he's on your lap and knows you have to get up, he can effectively double his weight, in an attempt to pin you to the chair.

He can levitate, ensuring his feet are still wet and muddy when he makes it upstairs onto my clean sheets.

He can work the answerphone, reset the video, make mobile calls, and perform complex tasks on the computer, although his typing is not up to much.


Comments for (Cat) "Astro" (phe)

Oct 15, 2015 cats NEW
by: http://www.mbaessaysamples.com

Look extremely affectionate))) How many years is he? I guess it has reached the serious age already?)

Oct 17, 2012 Astro NEW
by: Anonymous UK

Aaah lovely Astro, I love black cats just something about them. Had 4 one time,now just have one black cat who is just as pretty as Astro.