Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Litter and All Natural Kitty Litter Review

Choosing the right kitty litter can be a daunting task. FromCat Attract litter to all natural cat litter to clumping or flushable cat litter, there aredifferent products designed to meet different needs. With so many litters onthe market, each claiming to be better than the others, it’s been difficult forme to decide which litter truly deserves my endorsement, and which company’sproducts are ones that I can stand behind. Of course, when it comes to choosingthe best cat litter, my opinion matters, but so does the opinion of my cats.

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As always, I am constantly on the lookout for products thatwill improve the lives of my own cats and my clients’ cats. I’ve been anadvocate of high-quality, unscented clumping cat litter for years, but havenever fully believed in using one particular brand. However, after discoveringDr. Elsey’s cat litter, including Cat Attract cat litter, my opinion haschanged.

Precious Cat Litter was created by a feline onlyveterinarian, Dr. Bruce Elsey, who is passionate about helping cats to be happierand healthier.  He shares my passion for solvingthe number one reason cats end up abandoned and in shelters – inappropriateelimination. This passion drove Dr. Elsey to create cat litters that addressthe problem of training, retraining, and keeping your cat happy with the litterbox!

Small differences in cat litter can make a world ofdifference in your cat’s litter box usage. Clumping clay litters have, in myexperience, provided the right balance of owner-usability and cat-preference,but not all are created equal. Far too many litters have additives to helpcontrol odors, plus they create lots of dust and/or don’t clump well. Dr. Elseymakes the following claims, which is why I decided to give Precious Cat Litter a try:

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Dust-Free Cat Litter

When I tried Precious Cat Ultra cat litter, I wasimmediately struck by the lack of dust created by the product. As someone withallergies and problems with my sinuses, the previous litter I had been usingwas unbearable. The dust it created left a fine residue on everything in theroom and was kicked up any time fresh litter was added, my cats used the box,or I scooped it. The Precious Cat Ultra litter is the first I have used thatclaims to be 99.9% dust free and lives up to that claim.

Hypoallergenic & All Natural


Precious Cat Ultra, Cat Attract litter, and the entirePrecious Cat litter line, are all created without the use of any plantproteins, which makes it virtually allergen-free for cats. Containing 100%natural clay, this was a definite appeal for me. After a nightmarish experimentwith corn-based litter that contributed to every one of my cats breaking outwith terrible feline acne, I was determined to avoid all kitty litter thatcontained any plant-based proteins or additives.


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Hard-Clumping & Designed for Multi-Cat Households

Having several cats, my choice of litter needs to be onethat is easy to scoop multiple times a day. The clumps should be firm enough toscoop easily as this also makes multiple-cat usage more likely. I should notethat there is a bit more waste of litter than what I was accustomed to prior tousing Precious Cat litter, only because the granules themselves are larger sothe clumps are “wider". However, considering the other benefits of thislitter, the ease of cleaning, and the large bags it comes in, this was a smallinconvenience at most.

Superior Odor Control

It’s still too early to fully comment on Precious CatUltra’s ability to control odors, but I can say already that I have noticed noincrease in odor in the litter box area since switching brands from theprevious scented brand I was using. More importantly, not only is there no odorif the boxes are scooped regularly, but there are no invasive perfumes tryingto mask the odor!  I had previously triedanother unscented litter because that is what cats prefer and the odor wasunbearable regardless of how clean I kept the boxes.  This is not the case with Precious Catlitter. 

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The Ultimate Critics: My Cats

To fully test whether my cats would prefer this litter, Iset up several litter boxes in one room, with only one box containing thePrecious Cat Ultra litter. I rotated the boxes from day to day, scooped twice aday, and can honestly say that my cats used this box more than the other 3 thatwere filled with their normal litter. It became quite clear that my catspreferred Precious Cat above all else and had deemed this as the best catlitter.

Not that I can blame them. When I scooped their other boxes,I was surrounded by a perfumed cloud of dust. Imagine stepping into that box,doing your business, and then following your instincts to cover. My cats,kicking up the litter, must have been surrounded in as much dust as I was whenscooping, if not more. But with Precious Cat, this was never the case. I couldscoop, empty, and pour fresh litter in with virtually no detectable dust.

Other Precious Cat Litter Options

Precious Cat Litter is also the manufacturer of Cat Attract litterand Kitten Attract  litter, two one-of-a-kind formulations designed withnatural, safe, herbal additives to attract your cat to the litter box andproven to be useful in training and re-training your cat to use the box. Eachbag of Cat Attract litter includes a simple step-by-step guide of Dr. Elsey’s recommendations forsuccessful litter box training and is guaranteed to work or your money back.

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The Cat Attract herbal additives are also available as a supplement to add to your current litter, and one container works for up to 100 pounds of regular cat litter(although the recommendation, of course, is to use it with Precious Cat Ultra).

Cat Attract has proven just as wonderful as the Ultra litter, starting with the fact that the cats were attracted to the scent of the bag alone! We conducted a similar test, this time filling one litter box in a four-story home with the Cat Attract, and having regular, scented, clumping litter in the boxes on the other floors of the home, and each time, the cats chose Cat Attract the most! Even if the box was in a more inconvenient location, the cats preferred this litter paws-down!

Similar to the Ultra, the Cat Attract litter is hard-clumping, low -to-no dust, and all natural. Also, much to my surprise, there is no detectable odor from the Cat Attract litter. I suspected that something my cats would smell and be attracted to would have some sort of "perfume" scent, but was pleasantly surprised that it doesn't!

They have also designed Senior, Long Haired, and RespiratoryRelief litters, all of which are all natural cat litter options with different benefits. The Senior formula is a bio-degradable veterinary exclusive cat litter, designed with very small particles to help prevent kidney and urinary tract problems. The Long Haired Precious Cat Litter is actually a silica gelbased litter with Cat Attract litter herbs and is designed with the particlesize that longer haired cats prefer, which will not stick to the cat’s fur andwill not cause any discoloration. Respiratory Relief litter comes in either a clayor silica gel form, and helps control respiratory problems in cats due to itslow-dust, hypo-allergenic formula with added natural essences that help toreduce a cat’s stress level.

Try Precious Cat Litter

Regardless of your needs, whether your cat is going outside the box, you have a multi-cat household, your long-haired kitty needs a litter that won’t stick to her, or your cat has respiratory problems, any of the Precious Cat Litter options are definitely worth trying. Cat Attract litter and Kitten Attract litter are guaranteed or your money back. And, no matter which Precious Cat Litterformula you decide to try, Dr. Elsey’s company offers a free bag rebateprogram. Justsend in this form and required proof of purchase for a full reimbursement onyour first bag of any Precious Cat Litter. You can’t go wrong with that!

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