Cat behavior around pregnant cat

by Lauren
(Sydney, Australia)

Hi Doc,

I have three cats one of which is pregnant and in the last couple of weeks of her pregnancy.

Recently, the other two cats have been rushing around the house finding all the little nooks and dark spots to hide then once they've sat in them for two or three minutes, running away to find another one.

Are they doing this so as to prevent my youngest cat, Lilly, from giving birth in these areas or is there another reason?

Thank you.

Dear Lauren,

Your cats are not trying to prevent your pregnant cat from giving birth in the areas of your home. What is much more likely, however, is that your cats sense that something is about to happen with your pregnant cat Lilly, and they are becoming more hyper and are perhaps a bit unsettled.

Things are likely to settle down as the birth nears, and should improve further once the kittens have arrived.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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