Cat Behavior: Overanxious Eating or Sick?

by Gabriella G
(Atlanta GA)

This is him the day we took him home! So cute!

This is him the day we took him home! So cute!


We adopted a beautiful Himalayan, we named him Samson, from a HORRIBLE situation a few weeks ago. He was almost dumped at a shelter by his first owner, then was taken by a couple that meant well, but really had no interest in him. They had two dogs and another cat that bullied him. When we went to see him, he was scared and reclusive and would barely play or look at us. We had a feeling that it was just meant to be so we adopted him on a hunch that there was this amazing cat in there. Needless to say since we have had him he has been PEREFECT. He is loving and fun and has taken to us more than we could have ever wanted. We had him shaved for the summer(also we got him with an AWFUL case of fleas which we have since cleared up), but still almost on a daily basis he will eat and then a few minutes later I will hear him throw up. It looks like basically just what he ate sometimes in solid form still. I have a hunch he is eating too quickly because he is used to the other cat eating his food, but I just wanted to make sure there was nothing else I could do. I changed his food from Hairball control because I remembered the old owner saying it didn't agree with him to a natural general kind of dry food, but he still threw up. Help, this is my first cat since I've been on my own and I am a bit of a worried mom. :) THANKS!

Hi, Gabriella,

I think your hunch is absolutely correct. Your kitty's background can easily create a cat that is so worried about getting enough food or so nervous about eating for fear of being attacked. They eat too quickly and eat with anxiety and then throw up.

This usually gets better with time and reassurance, although it can last a lifetime.

Try various foods. Try canned vs dry. Try giving very small amounts frequently throughout the day. That has proven useful in many cases.

What a wonderful thing you have done by adopting him. What a very lucky cat he is. Your story is so heartwarming. Many people will only adopt small kittens and only really friendly social ones. I have found many times that the most fearful, least social, most timid cats turn out to be the most incredible, loving creatures.

Write again if you have further questions.

Dr. Neely

P.S. Thanks for the great picture!!!!!

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