Cat Bowel Movement Problems

Blood on cats feces and around anal area

by Abi


Hi there,

I've been noticing over the last few months a mucus and smell coming from my cats bottom! We moved house 3 weeks ago and now that he is inside and using a litter tray, I was alarmed two nights ago to see small specks of bright red blood on the cat litter. The feces looks dry but there was no blood in it.

After he has pooped, there is blood on his bottom so I wipe it clean for him. This does not bother him and it clearly does not hurt him, as he loves his belly being rubbed! Other than that, he is a perfectly happy little cat. He has lost a little bit of weight due to moving to the new house but is still running around like a little lunatic and eating and drinking well!

He is only a 3 year old and the color of the blood droplets is bright red. Do you think there is a chance he has anal tumors, hemorrhoids, is stressed or has simply strained himself (although he's not constipated and goes once a day!)?

He is neutered, on a combination of wet food and dried pro plan. He is also up to date with his cat flea treatments, vaccinations and dewormings. Although I have an appointment with the vet for Saturday morning, I'd just like some reassurance I guess that he'll be OK?!!

Many thanks,

Dear Abi,

As you obviously know, blood in a cat's stool or around his anus is not normal, and your cat will need a thorough veterinary exam to determine what is causing the blood. I would tend to think your kitty will be okay, largely due to his young age, but I could not say for sure and he does need veterinary attention.

He could be constipated even though you see him have a BM every day. He may not be producing enough and it may be too hard and be very uncomfortable to pass. You should take him to the vet as soon as possible.

All the best,
Dr. Neely


My cat can't poo and has been sick too


My cat has been sick and can't poop. She is getting very upset and agitated too. So, is there any thing I can give her?


It sounds as though you are saying that your cat is constipated, which, if left untreated, can be very serious and even fatal. Without knowing how long these symptoms have persisted, how old your cat is, or whether she is eating and drinking, among many other things, I could not advise you to try to treat your cat at home.

Even if I knew these things, relief of constipation is a job for a veterinarian. There are things a cat owner can do to prevent constipation once a cat has been relieved of the current episode, but nothing you can do to the backup of hard stool that is already there.

When a cat is constipated, they will vomit also, both from the obvious inability of food to pass through the GI tract, but also from the intense straining they do when they try to relieve their constipation.

And of course she is upset and agitated because it is very uncomfortable, even painful, and quite nauseating to be constipated.

Please bring your kitty to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Dr. Neely