Cat Breathing Problem

by Suzanne

My grandma's cat, Millie has been coughing a lot lately. She is still exercising as normal and her eating habits haven't changed. The coughing is regular and we decided to take her to the veterinarian just to be sure. The veterinarian told us that she is breathing more from her stomach and that she appears to have a breathing difficulty. Millie has never enjoyed traveling in her cat basket, even though it is only a short way, so her breathing may have worsened due to stress. What could have caused this sudden breathing difficulty and can it be solved?

Dear Suzanne,

It is certainly possible that your cat Millie’s breathing became quicker or more labored from the stress of the car ride to the veterinarian. However, without knowing how her lungs sounded, I really cannot determine what may have been causing her breathing difficulty definitively.

Since your cat was coughing at home, it is possible that she has any number of feline illnesses, including an upper respiratory infection or feline asthma. She could also be suffering from hairballs, causing her to cough trying to clear the hair from her throat. However, the only way to know what may be causing her breathing and coughing problem would be to have her examined including an x-ray. What did your veterinarian say the cause may be? And what follow-up was recommended?

If your kitty continues to cough and have breathing difficulties at home, I would recommend bringing her for another examination, including x-rays to rule out conditions like feline asthma. Should her breathing worsen at any point, the coughing increase, or if you see a change in appetite or behavior, please bring her to an emergency veterinarian right away. Your cat’s illness symptoms can likely be treated upon diagnosis of the cause, but any breathing difficulties can become serious very quickly.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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Aug 17, 2015
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The people like me who love cats but are not much able to carry them and take care of them got to learn many things from this article and will surely implement the recommendations to my cat and hoping for a positive response.

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