Cat Doors

I played Santa this week and left a secret package containing cat doors outside my neighbors house. Every summer, my heart aches daily as I watch the neighbor's cat locked outside without water or shelter or food on really hot days. Every winter, my heart aches as I watch him left outside for hours in the freezing rain or snow on even the coldest and windiest days.

Yes, I tried to talk to them about the fact that this cat is outside while their other cat is safe and comfy indoors and they said there was no way the outdoor cat could be kept inside all the time. So I'm secretly suggesting a cat door so he can at least come and go when he needs to.

Cat doors can be very useful and cats enjoy them very much. A pet door can allow you to control when your cat goes through the door to the outside, into another room, or wherever it is that you decide to place the door.

If you do not like your cat to roam free outside, there are outdoor cat enclosures you can build/purchase that will allow your cat to feel as though he is free and outside! You will be able to put a window pet door or other type of pet door in between your house and the cat enclosure to allow your cat to go out whenever he pleases.

When buying a door for your cat, it can be somewhat confusing to figure out which one is the best since there are so many varieties. Some pet doors are put in through a wall, some through a door, and some in screens. You can also have a window door. All of these just depend on your preference and how your home is laid out.

However, there are a few other things to consider when buying a door for your cat. You will have the option of buying one where the cat can simply go outside anytime he wants, but you may not like this idea. It is not always a good idea to let your cat out at all times. Also, you may feel a bit unsafe with these types of pet doors because it may make it easier for unwanted animals and other things to come into your home.

If you have a problem similar to this that is stopping you from getting a door for your cat, your answer might be an electronic pet door! The electronic pet doors sense a key that will be on the collar of the cat you wish to allow to go outside. The door will not open until it senses this key. This will allow your kitty to go outside when he wants, but will keep other unwanted animals from coming into your home. Also, security is much better with these electronic pet doors because a human will not be able to get through them.

The electronic cat doors will also make it possible for you to keep one cat inside while allowing another cat to go outside, if for some reason you do not want both of your cats outside.

Whether you want an electronic door, a window door, or a cat door that goes into a screen or a sliding glass door, it doesn't matter! You will definitely be able to find one that suits your needs and your cat's needs!

My favorite place to shop for pet doors is at You can find cat doors at many other stores, but I like the selection at iPetDoors. Since pet doors are their specialty, they know more about them and have been able to help me make the best selection.

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