Cat Eats Plastic Bags and Vomits

by Jake
(Boston, Mass, USA)

KEEP AWAY FROM PLASTIC<br>by Tim in Sydney

by Tim in Sydney

Hi, Doc....

Our cat eats plastic bags and soon thereafter vomits. My girlfriend and I always try to remove any accessable bags from the cat. Unfortunately, she constantly seeks out plastic and sometimes finds some. Why?

What can we do further? Is there some medical issue involved? Bella is a 4-year-old domestic short hair indoor cat. She looks like Felix the Cat from the cartoons. Our other cat never eats plastic. What can we do? Thanks for your help.

Sincerely.... Jake

Hi, Jake,

Your problem is not uncommon and there is nothing wrong medically. Many cats have this plastic fetish, while most don't.

In my experience, most of the cats that exhibit this behavior have been of the orange/calico family. That, of course, is not a steadfast rule.

Unfortunately, the only way to stop your cat from eating plastic is to keep all plastic away. I know it's often inconvenient and requires constant thought. I have done it for 30 years. However, it can be done and is the only answer.

Thanks for writing,
Dr. Neely

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