Cat has Small Lumps Under Her Skin

by ambra
(Rotterdam, The Netherlands)


My 15 years old cat has small lump under her skin , she has several on the back. They are 1 to 2 mm in diameter and pinkish, although I found one bigger and not regularly circular like the others. They are hardish but seem to me superficial. They seem not to scratch her at all. In general she has always been a very healthy cat, although her growth was impaired (she has still milk teeth and she is quite short, she had her first "period" at 2 years), she is definitely overweight. She is a flat-cat, and although we have a small garden she just goes regularly three times per day out, 15 minutes each time. She never really met other cats. We really wondered what these lumps are and if they are infectious for humans (we have two small kids). We live in Holland, and here vets are not the best in the world... (the least I can say), so I would like to have an opinion on her condition. However, tomorrow we will take an appointment with the "vet".

Can you please help us?

Hi, Ambra,

Very unlikely that they are contagious to humans. They can, however, be a problem for your kitty. At her age, they could be tumors and could be malignant. They should be removed or at least one of them biopsied to find out.

Good luck. Thank you for writing,
Dr. Neely

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