Cat has sores on body

by Brittany
(gs alabama)

So my cat is around a year old and she has been acting a little sick and lethargic. At first I thought she was just in heat or perhaps my cat was pregnant because she was just in heat. Well then I started noticing all of these holes popping up on my cat.

They are side by side. There are two on my cat’s neck, four on her left side, and two on her belly by her right hind leg. My cat keeps licking at them. She has gotten better, as she’s not down anymore.

Should I still be concerned? I’ve been cleaning the holes with antiseptic spray twice a day and at first my cat would let me, but now she’s not liking it. I just started letting her go outside and now she won’t even look at the door. One of the sores on her belly is about the size of a dime. It is gross and the ones on her neck look like they have pus in them.

Help please! What is wrong with my cat?

Without seeing your cat in person and without knowing more about how the sores appear, I cannot say what is wrong with your kitty. The fact that you indicate that some of your cat’s wounds appear to have pus in them, however, indicates that your cat has an infection.

The wounds could be the result of any number of things, from bite wounds from other cats she may have encountered outside to dermatitis from a flea allergy. In any event, if there is pus or any kind of discharge, your cat’s wounds should be examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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