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The KatKabin kitty house has feet so it stands above the ground, providing a shaded, cozy, insulated outside cat shelter for the outdoor kitty to nap and relax. Your cat will be out of the elements and protected from harsh weather until you return home.

The opening has an optional clip-on cat flap that can be attached or removed depending on your cat's preference. And the design is absolutely adorable, with the front of the unit artfully designed to look like a cat face complete with whiskers around the door!

KatKabin cat house

I chose a KatKabin DezRez (Desirable Residence) as a premium combination unit, which adds a washable Winter Warmer fleece to line the inside of the KatKabin outdoor cat houses for added insulation.

We had it shipped to the Cat Hospital and when it arrived, assembly was quick and easy. We removed the KatKabin from the box and wrapped the Winter Warmer pad around the entire floor, roof, and sides of the interior of the cat house. We then placed the standard KatKushion on the floor of the cat cabin, on top of the warmer, to create a plush bed. The door (also known as a KatFlap) snapped on quickly and easily, and we were completely ready to go in 5 minutes or less.

At that point, plans changed unexpectedly. We had ordered the outdoor version of the cat house, but while the KatKabin sat on the floor of our reception area, Tiger, one of our office cats, immediately climbed inside and refused to get out! He seemed so comfortable inside the KatKabin, so we removed the door for him to hang out inside it for the day. At least, that was the plan!

katkabin cat house

As soon as Tiger left the KatKabin to eat lunch, Cutie, another hospital mascot, was waiting in line to get inside. She climbed in, curled up, and slept for hours! She looked so peaceful, which is quite the accomplishment, since Cutie always manages to look uncomfortable, in part due to her physical problems from an accident she had many years ago.

katkabin cat house

When Tiger and Cutie were through taking turns with the KatKabin, we decided to leave it with Charlie and Pearl, two more of our cats that live in their own room at the hospital. As soon as the KatKabin was brought into their room, they were pushing each other aside to see who could be first to get inside it!

katkabin cat house

They ended up taking turns, and just as the other office cats had done, Charlie and Pearl curled up and took their turn in the KatKabin.

katkabin cat housekatkabin cat house

Charlie and Pearl were so happy in the KatKabin that we didn't have the heart to take it away at the end of the day... So we left it with them for the night and for a couple of days after that!

Due to the overwhelmingly pawsitive reaction to the KatKabin by our hospital mascots, we kept the house for a few days as we felt sad and guilty about taking it away from them. However, we sent the KatKabin on its way with a client whose indoor/outdoor cat will greatly benefit from having a safe, warm cat house to enjoy when he’s outside. Considering the reaction of all of the hospital cats to the KatKabin outdoor cathouse, I was certain my client’s cat would love it! And as you can see from the photos below, he was interested in the KatKabin right away, providing him a warm, cozy shelter...

outside cats in snow

... even with tons of snow on the ground surrounding the KatKabin and lining the roof!

cat house in snow

cat house with door

Meanwhile, it’s clear that we need to order more.

tiger cat in briefcase

Tiger and Cutie, Charlie and Pearl, and my cats at home all need a KatKabin, since all of the cats seem to love it so much. The good news is that KatKabin is now selling a cat house that is an indoor version called the SkratchKabin! This unit looks perfect for my indoor cat needs, including a curved, textured scratching surface on the exterior of the unit, a comfy pad for inside napping, and a toy hanger in front of the opening (a free sisal mouse toy is included).

Other variations of the KatKabin outdoor cat shelter are also available. The standard single-door KatKabin cat house, which comes in 6 beautiful colors, is available with or without the washable winter warmer. There is also a deluxe double-door version, featuring a front and a rear door. KatKabin also sells replacement KatFlaps and extra KatKushions through their website.

KatKabin sells many accessories to enhance their cat house products. The Winter Warmer pad is sold separately as well as part of the premium combination package, so no need to fret if you ordered a standard KatKabin and decide on the extra insulation later. And now, KatKabin is selling an EcoGlow Warming Pad, which is waterproof and safe for outside use, providing extra warmth to outdoor cats in sub-zero temperatures and creating the ultimate luxury in insulated cat houses!

I am thrilled that KatKabin is sponsoring our website, allowing me to keep providing cat health information and answering your cat questions for free. Despite their sponsorship of our site, however, I want to reassure all of you that my reviews are completely honest and independent of any relationship I may have with any company. If the product isn’t worth my time, yours, or your cat’s, then the company will not be accepted as a sponsor… But, in this case, KatKabin is such a fantastic product!
Every outdoor cat should have access to such a luxurious cat house outside, and indoor cats would love to have one too!

katkabin cat house

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