Cat in Heat

by KiMar
(Guadalajara, Mexico)

My cat was spayed in June. The vet didn't remove anything, but tied the tubes. Now, end of August, she is in heat. I thought the surgery should've stopped her from going into heat. Is this normal? Can she still get pregnant?

Hi, KiMar,

I don't know where your vet trained, but I was trained to remove the ovaries and the uterus. Otherwise, hormones are still produced that will make your kitty act as though she is in heat. She should not be able to get pregnant, but I can't guarantee that because I didn't see the surgery and don't know for sure what he did. It is thought to be very important to remove the ovaries and uterus from female cats to avoid future ovarian or uterine cancer.

Thank you for writing,

Dr. Neely

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