Cat is vomiting all the time

by Kelly
(Portland Or )

My cat has been vomiting for the last year. Sometimes he would stop for 2 or 3 months and then it starts again. I have cut back on his food just give him a very little at a time and now he is vomiting all the time.


Dear Kelly,

Without more information, it is hard to determine what may be causing the vomiting. There are many causes of vomiting in cats.

Does the vomit contain any fur or hair balls? If so, an oral hairball solution or gel such as Laxatone may help reduce the amount of vomiting. Regular brushing can also help. My favorite grooming tools are a flea comb and a slicker brush. For medium to long hair cats, appointments with a groomer for full body clips can also help significantly reduce the amount of hair he might ingest.

Does he vomit shortly after eating? Does it look like undigested food? If so, he is likely regurgitating his meals. Even in smaller portions, a cat may still regurgitate. You may want to try elevating his food using an elevated feeder, as this will keep his head at a more natural angle while he eats and may slow him down. You can also flatten out the food with the back of your hand or with a spoon to make him work a bit harder to get it. Doing so will help slow him down while eating, reducing the likelihood of him vomiting afterward.

In any event, there could be a number of underlying medical issues going on, most of which would be easily diagnosed with a trip to the vet and possibly some bloodwork. A vet would be able to determine a number of possible underlying causes for the vomiting, from dental issues and food allergies to metabolic issues. I recommend taking your cat to a veterinarian for the most accurate diagnosis.

For further information about vomiting in cats, please click here.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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