Cat Leaking after Trauma

by Sara
(Colchester, VT)

Back in August 2010, our cat Blackie got out at night and a friend of the people next door had taken him. However, we could not prove it. We were told they did.

I had placed ads and called places about him being missing. In October 2010, I reposted everything again. Then, I got a phone call to my house saying they had him. They told me that he just showed up in their yard in Snowe, VT and I lived in Hinesburg. There is a good 45 minute drive from here to there.

When we got there, he was so scared of the people who had him. However, he came right to us when we called his name and we were able to pick our cat up without any problem. They couldn't even go near him without my cat hissing at them.

We finally got our cat home and his brother (Rocky) did not seem to have any issue taking him back in. We took him to our normal vet the next morning (since it was 10 p.m.) and my vet checked him out and did blood tests. We came to find out he was VERY abused.

He ended up with a broken jaw and was missing a canine tooth and one tooth next to that. His hips were dislocated. He had cat hair lost due to the poor diet and trauma he went through. He had bad rash and was very sore, and our cat had lost about 7 lbs as well.

We got meds and started treatment for different issues one step at a time. He recovered very fast and was back to himself again. However, the only thing we were not able to get done was fixing his new issue of peeing/leaking outside the box. The veterinarian told us he got a pocket that caused him to leak pee and that it could be fixed but it can cost money.

We been dealing with the urine leaking issue but he seems to get worse. More has been leaking out and we have an 11 week old baby girl. Our cat is wonderful with her, but we can’t keep having him leak on things.

We love him so much and we don’t blame him for anything. It would break my heart to lose my cat again. We had spent close to $1000 in a short time trying to get him better and we thought we had his leaking issue under control but it just seems like it is worse now. We will do what we need to do, but it is really hard when we have no money up front to pay the vet again.

Dear Sara,

It is impossible for me to know what you or your veterinarian means when you say that your cat has a “pocket” that is creating this “leaking” issue. How do you know that he is leaking and that he is not just urinating outside the box? Have you seen him actively leaking urine? Or is he urinating outside the box deliberately? Is it definitely urine or is this fluid from his abdomen or anus?

Your cat may have had a serious injury to his bladder as the result of abuse or an accident. It is certainly possible that this “leaking” you described could be a result of your cat losing tone and/or the ability to contract his bladder.

I would need much more information in order to begin to help you. You are welcome to write back with more information or even provide veterinarian notes/records for me to review and I would be happy to provide some suggestions. In the meantime, though, it sounds as though, if this is not a deliberate or behavioral problem, veterinary attention will be needed to resolve the issue.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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