Cat Litter Box Trouble

Question: I have an 8yr MN DSH who has been defecating outside the litter box for some time now. He will urinate in the box just fine. The brand of litter has not been changed. The box itself is kept clean (scooped every other day...if not daily) and that doesn't seem to matter. He always does it the same place...just in front of the bedroom door.

He is not allowed in the bedroom anymore due to his housemate a 6yr SF DSH who urinated on the bed one too many times. I've worked in the Veterinary field for over 10yrs, and I must say I'm at a loss.

The female lately has decided to urinate on the couch; she's coming in to the clinic for a UA and possible bloodwork.

Thank you for your time :)


It seems fairly obvious that what he wants is to be in the bedroom. All I can suggest is that you figure out a way to let him in (sounds like she wants in also and that is why she is now going on the sofa). I would suggest you put a litter box right outside your door but I don't think you want it there and I don't think that will solve the problem. He wants to be with you. Can you have more litter boxes, including one in your bedroom? If she doesn't have anything medically wrong with her urinary tract, perhaps she can be put on medication for inappropriate elimination. That, combined with extra litter boxes, more attention to both of them,and the use of Comfort Zone With Feliway For Cats & Kittens Plug In may put an end to the problem.

There are MANY questions and answers about this very problem under LITTER BOX PROBLEMS and CAT ELIMINATION PROBLEMS and CAT URINARY TRACT HEALTH and CAT BEHAVIOR .

Thank you for writing,
Dr. Neely