Cat Making a Mess with Litter !

by Sandra
(Uxbridge MA)

My DSH cat, Oliver, is a 3 yr old rescue that we adopted as a kitten. He is fixed and has always used his litterbox. He can be a bit messy with the litter coming out of the covered box (he's double pawed on all fours !) but, lately, he has been tracking litter all over the bathroom, hallway, stairs, etc. - what a mess ! Any thoughts as to what to do to reduce the amount of litter he tracks around?

Hi, Sandra,

There are several different types of litter on the market and some track worse than others. I would experiment with different types of litter. There are even some that claim to be "non-tracking".

In addition, they make mats to put under litter boxes that are large enough to protrude in front of the box. When the kitty steps out on it, it cleans the paws somewhat. It also, if large enough, will collect some of the litter he is "throwing" outside the box.

Thank you for writing,
Dr. Neely