Cat Mammary Tumor

by Melissa Ullery

Hi Dr. Neely,

I just learned today that my cat Veda (15 yrs old) has a tumor on one of her mammary glands. My vet is performing blood work and Veda had an x-ray immediately. The tumor has not spread at all but my vet said that these tumors can be aggressive. She is scheduled to have the tumor along with the chain of mammary glands on her left side removed in 10 days. My question is, when the vet said that this type of tumor can be aggressive did he mean it can spread quickly? If so, is 10 days too long to wait to have the surgery? I asked him and he said he felt comfortable with waiting (I am out of town until the day before her surgery). I guess I am just looking for some reassurance as I could not bear it if my waiting a few extra days means her chances of overcoming this decreases.

Thank you,

Hi, Melissa,

No, 10 days is not too long to wait. When he said aggressive, he meant that they can be aggressive and spread to all the mammary glands and even to the lungs if not removed. It sounds like you have caught it early and certainly 10 days isn't going to make a difference. I would take care of it thought the minute you get back.

He is doing the right thing by removing the entire chain. Sounds like you are in good hands.

Good luck. Thank you for writing,

Dr. Neely

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