cat mating problem

by Maral
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

I have a big problem with my cat and it is something I have never seen and it seems very unnatural. I have 2 cats, one male and one female and they were meant to mate.... now they are both at the proper age and I can tell that my male cat is urged. I had seen them trying before and I left them alone, thinking everything was okay. My cats are Persian with long hair. A few weeks ago, I had my male cat groomed, and after that, since I could see better, I realized that when he tries to mate..... he is completely off, on the air, he cant even get anything near where it is suppose to be; therefore, my female cat gets bored and walks away. This makes the male very angry and grumpy, he nags all night and looks very depressed. I have no idea what I am suppose to do, I mean shouldnt this be something NATURAL??? How am I suppose to teach him exactly? I was thinking if it continues to be that way I will get them fixed since I dont want him to be sad all the time :( what should I do?

Hi, Maral,

Sometimes, anatomically, things just don't work. I can't tell you if that is definitely the case because I can't examine him.

Also, sometimes you can think it's the male and it can look like it's the male when actually the female may be the one with the problem.

Actually, you said you can tell he is interested, but has she definitely been in heat? Maybe she's just not ready. It takes two, haha.

You could have both of them examined by a vet. Whatever you do, if it turns out they can't mate, by all means, get one or both of them neutered.

Thank you for writing,
Dr. Neely

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