Cat Mouth Freckles

by Theresa Gabehart

photo by iLoveButter

photo by iLoveButter


First I would like to tell you that your site is very informative. Thank you.

My question is I have 2 orange manx cats. Both are 5 yrs. old and they both have brown spots inside their mouth at the bottom of their lips?

I was wondering what it is? Should I be concerned?

I have a bunch more manx but they do not have this.

Hi, Theresa,

No cause for concern. Orange cats with brown pigment spots are sort of like red-heads with freckles. The brown pigment on an orange cat is normal and hereditary.

With age, there will probably be more spots appearing on your cats. The spots can be on the mouth, gums, edges of the eyelids, inside the ears ...just about any place you can see skin or mucous membranes on your cat.

The above photo shows an orange cat with several "freckles" on the nose. This is normal and of no concern.

Enjoy your kitties and thanks for the compliment!

Dr. Neely

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