Cat Pregnancy


I have a cat which is a cross between Persian & Siamese. I got her from a friend who got her as a gift, but couldn't take care of her.

She has been with us for about a month now and she was pregnant when she came to my place. She has never been playful, just lying around or eating is all she does.

Since this morning she has been acting a little weird. She is not eating anything or drinking anything. She just walks around the house, sits at a place for a few minutes and then to a different place for a few minutes. She keeps her mouth open and Meows whenever she sees somebody, although, she never used to Meow before.

Please tell me what to do? Me & My Mom are really scared and nervous about her. Is everything alright with her? What should we do?


The actions you are describing could be those of a pregnant cat about to go into labor. Other than that, I couldn't tell you if she is well or not without examining her and/or having more information.

If she hasn't delivered by now or returned to acting normally, you should take her to a veterinarian.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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