Cat Problem

by heather
(canada )

Okay, my aunt has a very old cat and she is peeing and pooping all over the outside deck. We have tried getting mad and all that and I just don't know what to do. We are getting tired of cleaning the deck. It gets really nasty, mind you. This cat is 14 years old and there is one that is a 2-3 year old cat and he is copying I think.

I really don't know because they don't have a litter box. They are indoor outdoor. The old one is female and the younger one is male. Please help !!!


The older cat may be having some age-related issues and not find it as easy to leave the deck to defecate. Arthritis can be one cause.

Or there could be a behavioral reason such as something she's afraid of in the yard or wherever she used to go.

There are also physical reasons such as diseases and worms that can make cats start to defecate or urinate in inappropriate places.

She should be seen by a veterinarian and you should take a stool sample with you.

Also, one simple thing to do temporarily would be to put a litter box on the deck where she has been defecating or put one in the house.

Getting mad at a cat never fixes anything. It only makes things worse. She is not doing this to be mean to you. Whatever the cause, she cannot help herself.

Kindest Regards,
Dr. Neely

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