Cat Prosthetics - Kitten's Hind Legs

by Sarah

cat with wheels

cat with wheels

cat wheelchair

cat wheelchair

cat with wheels
cat wheelchair

A question was asked recently at Kitten's Hind Legs. I would like to mention that there are prosthetic aids available for cats.

For cats that lose the use of their hind legs, the most common prosthetic solution is a harness with wheels. Many cats have adapted to this device.

In recent years some pioneering surgery has been done; but this is a very specialized area, and somewhat experimental.

There's a number of videos on YouTube that will show you examples of ways cats can become mobile. We have included one below.

A Web search on "cat prosthetics" will turn up quite a few examples, cases & stories.

If this kitten does not develop the ability to walk, but is otherwise normal and healthy, then wheels might offer it the freedom to move about and lead a relatively normal life. It's a big consideration, adaptations would be required to facilitate the mobility limitations; but it is by no means insurmountable. I have seen animals with wheels that can run like the clappers.

When choosing wheels, make sure the cat will not tip them up when cornering, and that the harness is comfortable. With a kitten, you'll need several sets as it grows.

There are a number of specialist companies supplying these aids. Young cats are more likely to adapt well, and your cat's personality & activity level may determine how suitable an option prosthetics are.

Thank you, Dr.Neely, for providing such a fantastic resource.


Thank YOU, Sarah, for sharing! The link you gave to a video did not work, but I have included a different one below. Thank you again!

Dr. Neely

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