KatKabin Cat Scratch Furniture Pet Contest

2011 has brought two opportunities to win a SkratchKabin, the ultimate in cat scratch furniture, in our Crazy Cat Sleeping Places Cat Photo Contest last spring, and in this exciting essay contest!

Cat owners everywhere have opinions about a variety of controversial cat topics, and we offered participants a chance to have your voice heard in this contest. This exciting pet contest was inspired by the two cat house styles KatKabin manufactures, and our dedication to expanding knowledge and providing information on cat health care problems.

And the winner is...

InDoor Living is the Life For Me!!!

Thank you all for participating! Click here to read all of the exciting entries and add your opinions to the debate in the comments section of your favorites!

As you can read in detail on my KatKabin review page, the KatKabin company makes two versions of adorable cathouses for cats. The first is an outside cat shelter called the KatKabin, providing a cozy and shaded insulated outdoor cats shelter for napping and relaxing. The second is a cat house designed for indoor cats called the SkratchKabin, and is the ultimate cat scratch furniture solution, featuring the same great design, but including a curved, textured scratching surface on the exterior of the unit, a comfy pad for inside napping, and a toy hanger in front of the opening.

The KatKabin is designed to keep outdoor cats safe and comfortable. The SkratchKabin is designed to provide a comfy shelter for your indoor cat, but also to provide a cute scratching post for your cats, protecting your furniture and keeping your cat's claw length under control. It is a known fact that cat scratching posts can provide a great alternative to declawing cats.

We offered participants a chance to win your choice of either a SkratchKabin cat house and cat scratch furniture unit, or a KatKabin outdoor cat house. Everyone also had their voices heard on one of two very important controversial cat topics! You shared your cat photo, thoughts, or wrote your opinions and someone will soon win a great cat house for a lucky feline... And have their article, essay, or photo published on AskTheCatDoctor.com!


- Write your opinion or submit your cat photo about ONE of the following controversial cat topics:

(1) Indoor versus Outdoor Cats

Examples of questions you may want to answer include

Should cats be inside or outside?
Are indoor or outdoor cats happier and healthier?
What are your feelings about indoor and outdoor cat safety?

--- OR ---

(2) Declawing Cats

You may want to cover such thoughts as :

Should a cat be declawed?
Is declawing a cat cruel?
Declawing a cat, at what age and with what procedure?

- - Your opinion can be stated in as few words as you wish or as many as you wish. An accompanying photo of your cat illustrating your point is a plus.

- Your entry should have a creative title.

- Your entry will be edited for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

- Plagiarism will not be accepted! Anyone not expressing their own personal, original thoughts, in their own words, will be banned from this and future contests.

- Only one essay or photo, on one topic, per IP address is allowed.

- A photo depicting your cat or cats, or otherwise related to the topic you chose, may be submitted along with an essay. But please, only submit photos to which you have the rights! No images under copyright from any other individual or company are allowed!

- If you don't feel you have enough to say, just send in ONE photo of your indoor or outdoor cat and tell us why your cat is happiest that way!

For general contest rules and guidelines,
please see our Contest Rules and Regulations page.


Our KatKabin Cat Scratch Furniture Controversial Cat Topics Essay contest is open from July 25, 2011 through September 30, 2011!

Winner to be announced soon!


The winner of this pet contest will receive one SkratchKabin by KatKabin indoor kitty house, in the winner's choice of one of the vibrant colors offered on the KatKabin website.

Or, if you prefer, you may choose a KatKabin outside cat shelter.

The winning article will also be publicized on the AskTheCatDoctor.com home page and on our RSS feed and Twitter and Facebook!


All entries (both photo and essay) will be read and judged by staff at Ask The Cat Doctor and KatKabin.

The winning article or photo will be chosen based on the following criteria:

1. Creativity.
2. Persuasiveness.
3. Quality of content of essay or "cuteness" of cat photo


Declawing cats has long been a debated topic, and has been the topic of many discussions here at AskTheCatDoctor.com. Our Declawing Cats page includes details about the declaw procedure, and questions and answers from other readers.

In terms of indoor or outdoor cats, our House Cats page includes discussion about indoor and outdoor pros and cons.

You are more than welcome to find your inspiration from the discussions found on these pages, or from anywhere throughout our site using the search bar above, but you should return to this page to enter this cat scratch furniture contest!

See Our Other Great Entries

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Declawing is not a Topic for "Creative Writing"... 
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Declawing is not just removing the claw, it is the actual of amputating the whole joint, including bones, ligaments, and tendons. That isn't a "procedure", …

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