Cat Sleep Deprivated?

by dee

I have a nine month old male cat that I've had for three months now.

For the past two months, my cat does not get a lot of sleep. I work the night shift ...11pm-7am. He may sleep while I'm at work, but when I am home, he follows me everywhere, and sits at my desk or on the sofa with me.

Rarely does he shut his eyes, and even when he does, it's just for a few minutes. Is the lack of sleep why he's not gaining weight?

He eats good and drinks plenty of bottled water. He also is healthy, plays, runs around the apartment like a mad man....Please advise.

No worries! At your cat's age, sleep is not a priority. And you're probably right about his sleeping while you're not home. That may be about all your kitty does when you're away!

You asked why your cat is not gaining weight, but didn't really give me any details about his weight or failure to gain.

If he hasn't been neutered, that can keep him thin. Also, just because he is young and active, he will be thinner than an older cat who sleeps all the time. Genetics also plays a part.

I don't know what size he is, but he sounds healthy. You say he eats, plays, looks healthy ....he probably is.

If you are still concerned and would like to send a photo or write back, tell me what he weighed or looked like at various times over the last months and what size he is now. I can better answer your question with more information, but he certainly sounds healthy.

Kindest Regards,
Dr. Neely

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