Cat Sneezing

by Steph

photography by Zanastardust

photography by Zanastardust


I have a 2-year-old female cat. She has been sneezing with increasing frequency, but shows no other signs of sickness. Her behavior, bodily functions, and daily routine are normal. Could she have an allergy to something?

Hi, Steph,

When cats have an allergic reaction to something, it most often is manifested in their skin. They may be itchy, lick and scratch their fur off, and become quite miserable.

When a cat is sneezing more than an occasional sneeze from a bit of dust perhaps, it is a sign they have an upper respiratory infection. The same thing we call a "cold".

If it is getting more frequent or if your kitty becomes lethargic or has decreased appetite or nasal or ocular discharge, a vet visit is in order. Cats frequently develop secondary bacterial infections when they have an upper respiratory virus. Therefore, it is not unusual for a cat that has a cold to have to go to the vet. She may need antibiotics and possibly appetite stimulants.

Don't hesitate to make that vet appointment if her sneezing doesn't go away soon or if she loses her appetite or energy.

Thanks for writing.
Dr. Neely

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