Cat Tongue and Drooling Problems

Bengal cat drooling all of a sudden

by Laurie Johnson
(St. Charles, MO)


I have a 4 year old Bengal cat. He is about 16 pounds and has a great personality.

Last night while sitting in my chair (he usually waits for me to get up and then he's in there like lightning!), he all of a sudden started drooling - a lot. He threw up his dinner, but went back to the dry food bowl and ate some more.

Otherwise, he is normal. Litter box habits are normal. He followed me to the bathroom sink and drank from the faucet like he usually does.

He looked out the windows at the birds in the trees outside like normal as well. Any ideas what could be causing this? He has never done this before.

I have a second female Bengal cat around the same age and she is just fine.

Dear Laurie,

Drooling in cats can occur for a number of reasons. Considering that he vomited shortly after the drooling incident, it is possible that he began drooling due to nausea. He may have also licked something that didn't taste very pleasant.

Other possible causes for drooling include ingesting toxins, such as plants or cleaning chemicals, or having dental disease.

Drooling is certainly abnormal, but if it only occurs once and stops quickly, it may not be of much concern. If, however, it happens again, you should bring your kitty to a veterinarian for an examination to be sure that he has not ingested anything toxic and that his dental health is okay.

However, it is certainly a good sign that he is acting normally and ate afterwards.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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My Cat's Tongue is Attached To the Bottom of its Mouth


My cat can't stick her tongue out as it is attached to the bottom of her mouth. She can eat and drink but finds it hard to clean herself.
She is 20 weeks old now, but we have only just realized her problem. Will an operation solve this problem ?


I wouldn't be able to answer without examining her, but it is a possibility. The other possibility is that she can live well as she is, but may need help with her grooming on a regular basis. You should definitely have her examined by a vet to see what the options are.

Best Wishes,
Dr. Neely

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