Cat Trauma


I heard 2 dogs messing with what I thought was a dog...ended up it was my cat. she didn't have any bites on her outer body, but I think they might have stepped on her..she is weak standing and walks funny(back legs) almost bowlegged.

I don't know if she's just bruised, but pretty sure I should take her to the vet. Thoughts? Thanks mo


Unfortunately we have fallen a bit behind answering cat questions because we have had so many of them lately. I wanted to answer this, however, in the hopes of finding out how your kitty is doing and also, to help other cat lovers who may one day find themselves in your situation.

Your intuition was absolutely correct. In a situation such as this, you would want to take your cat to the veterinarian right away. It is impossible to know with the naked eye if she has internal injuries. Even with the naked eye, it is apparent that she is weak and walking abnormally.

I sincerely hope things turned out well for your cat and hope you will let us know.

Best Wishes,
Dr. Neely

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