Cat Urinary Problem

by Steve
(Alexandria, VA)

Wiley, our 3 year old male cat, is a very shy cat and typically only bonds with my wife and I. Recently, we had our carpets cleaned (about 2 days ago). He was traumatized by it, even though he was in a closet away from them. Since then he has been more nervous than usual. The other day he urinated on our bedspread (just a spot) and one spot downstairs. He has only done this one other time when his box was dirty and he did it in front of my wife and I to let us know (hard to be too upset with that).

Normally, if he is uncomfortable he will find me and cry. Now he is in the box over and over again even though he does not have much of a result. I am worried he may have an issue. He is otherwise very normal. He plays, cuddles, eats, and he seems okay now. How many days should I wait before we take him to the Vet? That is usually pretty traumatic too.

Thanks for your website and this forum.


Hi, Steve,

Straight to the veterinarian now! He is exhibiting signs that indicate an infection/inflammation OR a cat urinary obstruction. If it is an obstruction, time is of the essence and there is no way to know if it is unless the vet examines him and feels his bladder. Besides the fact of his discomfort, waiting too long can lead to permanent damage to the bladder and kidneys and even death.

Let me know how it goes please!

Dr. Neely