Cat urinating on the floor with no underlying medical issues

by Stacy

I found my cat 4 years ago as a stray. He's a domestic long hair, and came neutered. His exact age is unknown however, the veterinarian said he's now around 9ish.

In the beginning I didn't even know what a cat problem was because this cat was perfect with his litter box habits for nearly a year. We moved a lot(not sure if that's relevant).

One day I ran out of his usual cat litter and I figured a bag a friend gave to me of some natural corn type litter would do fine until I got to the store. Boy was I WRONG! I watched my cat go in the box then come back out and pee right on the floor!

I changed the cat litter that night to his usual stuff and since then have had a serious problem. He's seen the veterinarian and they couldn't find any medical reason for his behavior. They told me he's just a naughty boy? Um ok I need some help.

I read about positive reinforcement for cats and started giving him a treat every time he uses the box with good results because he stopped pooping on the floor for the most part, but he has one spot in front of my closet that he pees on every night that I'm not home with him. I place a towel there when I know I'm going to be gone to try and save my carpet. Which I just had replaced a year ago due to the smell of cat pee!

I hope that's enough info. I'm just losing my mind....also my cat has peed other places like my bed and in the living room, but hasn't done that in many months. PLEASE HELP ME!!

Hi, Stacy,

You don't know if your cat has a medical condition or not if he didn't have a complete urinalysis and blood work. And even if he did, if it was weeks or months ago and was fine then, that doesn't mean he doesn't have a problem now. Medical causes of cat inappropriate elimination must always be ruled out before just treating it as a behavioral problem.

Any veterinarian that says "He's just a naughty boy" is a vet you should never see again. They should have ruled out all possible causes and then, if nothing was found, told you how to treat behavioral urinary problems in cats. There are many things you can try. And there is no such thing as a "naughty" cat who is just urinating outside the box to be "naughty"! Something is bothering your cat.

If it is just a behavioral problem (or even if it's not) you have to address the environment elements). We have pages and pages of information on treating behavioral problems in cats here on the website. Please start by going to Cat Elimination Problems and also Litter Box Problems and the many questions at the bottom of that page.

You should be able to solve this problem if you make sure your cat is still medically healthy in every way and if you follow the many suggestions on those pages.

Dr. Neely