Cat Vomiting and Possible Toxins

Is my cat sick or poisoned?

by Jane
(Raipd City SD)


Our cat vomited on Friday, which is unusual for her. Now she seems extremely lethargic, with a warm nose, extreme hair loss, and pale gums. She does nibble and drink a little, but her appetite seems diminished. We are unable to take her temp.

We are at our cabin at a lake miles from town and are worried she may have found poison under other residents' trailers for rodents or that she ate something that may have ingested poison.

Please list the warning signs for poisoning or if any of these symptoms could be from a specific disease. We appreciate any advice you have... Thank you!

Dear Jane,

The cat illness symptoms you described could be the signs of an endless number of feline illnesses, including ingestion of toxic substances. The only advice I can provide is to bring your cat to the nearest veterinarian as soon as possible.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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Cat upper respiratory infection and vomiting

by Erin Hamel

My name is Nico

My name is Nico


My cat has an upper respiratory infection. He has been getting it off and on since we got him about two years ago.

I took him to the vet and she said he also has this new virus that's going around for indoor cats. She gave me his usual meds "Clavamox" and she gave him a needle for Metacam.

Usually he gets better by now, but instead he seems to be getting worse,and he vomited 8 times yesterday and once already today.

Should i just keep giving him the meds and then see, or should I take him to the vet now?


Never wait to take your cat to the vet when they are vomiting that much or not getting better from the original problem. Go right away.

Also, chronic upper respiratory illness in cats is usually from a herpes virus (not contagious to humans) and in addition to intermittent antibiotics being necessary, we have found that daily treatment indefinitely with L-lysine can help many kitties substantially. Be sure and ask your vet about that.

It terrifies me that he was given Metacam. Cats should not receive Metacam. I would suggest you go to a different vet and go at once.

Thank you,
Dr. Neely

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