Cat Vomiting and Sickness

Kiko, 17 year-old siamese male cat, is thowing up anything he eats. His belly is bloated, and he is normally vibrant and isn't now. I can't take him to the vet until tomorrow some time.

Any number of cat health problems can cause vomiting in cats, but whenever a cat is lethargic and vomiting, and you are seeing a bloated abdomen, a trip to the veterinarian is in order.
Cat vomiting can be caused by anything from hairballs to parasites, constipation to metabolic diseases, and much more.

For more information on feline vomiting causes and symptoms, please read my pages titled Is Cat Vomiting Worrying You? and Is Your Cat Throwing Up?.

Without seeing your cat in person, or knowing significantly more about your situation, there is little I can do over the internet to help your cat. Ultimately, the sooner your cat is brought to the veterinarian, the better.

All the best,
Dr. Neely

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