Cat vomiting up everything for 2 weeks

by Robert

My cat is a 15 year old female. She has been blind her whole life but has never really been ill until now. She has thrown up everything she has eaten for the last two weeks. I have had her in and out of the vet for the past ten days including a 2 night stay.

She has had blood tests, IVs, ultra sounds and many different medications. Nothing has worked or helped. It was uncovered that she only has one kidney during an Ultra Sound. Her blood work was for the most part good but it did show a possible thyroid problem.

We are at the point and advice from our vet is to put her down as I am out of options.
Any last minute advice or is it time to say good bye?


Hi, Robert,

If there is a possible thyroid problem, that should be pursued. Hyperthyroidism is very common and causes vomiting among other things and is easily treatable most of the time.

If she is still eating and is alert and not in terrible pain, I would strongly suggest to not euthanize her, but to pursue the thyroid diagnosis by having an additional test called an "unbound thyroid test" which is a confirmatory test to the standard test that is usually done first. Also, I would take all the results from the veterinarian you have been seeing and get a second opinion if she is still bright and alert and eating and it is just a case of the vet not knowing what is wrong with her. A second opinion is so important with such an important decision to make.

There are many things that can cause cat vomiting that can be treated with medication or a change in diet or a diagnosis if it's something like hyperthyroidism. Make sure all these things have been pursued fully.

Best of luck,
Dr. Neely

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