Cat Websites: Readers Choice Awards Winner

There are thousands of cat websites across the internet and we are thrilled that AskTheCatDoctor was chosen as the winner in the Readers Choice Awards in the category of Best Cat Health Website.

readers choice award winner

We are so thankful for all who voted for us and made us the winners of this incredible honor! For those who don't already know the history behind the awards, please read on.



What Are the Readers' Choice Awards?


In 2008, began their Readers’ Choice Awards program, beginning in their technology channel. Over the years, the awards have expanded to include many other categories, bringing recognition to a variety of best products, features and services. This year, 2012, there were literally hundreds of categories included from technology to hobbies to pets to sports.


How does the program work?


In January, readers submitted nominations and then the experts chose up to 5 finalists in each category. The finalists were announced February 22nd and voting began for the winner in each category. Voting was held through 3/21/12, and winners this year were announced on March 30th, 2012.


What does a winner of a category receive as a prize?


The winner in each category receives the good feelings that come with knowing that their hard work was appreciated by their readers ...and that’s better than any monetary or gift prize!

Winning can also bring recognition that may lead to other methods of support for the Cat Doctor website enabling us to continue bringing you so much free information and answering so many questions for free on a daily basis.


How many Cat categories are there?


There are 7 categories of awards related to cat websites. They include such things as Best Cat Website, Best Cat Health Website, Best Cat Book, Best Cat Non-Profit Organization, and one of my personal favorites, Best Pro-Claws Website!


In what category was the AskTheCatDoctor website chosen as the winner?


I feel very honored to have been chosen as the winner in the Best Cat Health Website Category. This category was for cat websites which are managed by Veterinary Colleges, a veterinarian or organization of veterinarians, or other expert in the veterinary profession. The ideal candidate is said to be one that presents information in a professional manner, but in language that the average lay person can understand. The information should also be provided at no cost.

For the official winner announcement and to read Franny's blog, see the Seven Winners in Cats Categories.