Cat With Broken Toes, Open Wound

the wound

the wound


Zeke came in Friday with a horribly swollen rear paw and a gash on the leg and paw. I put him on clavamox right away and now the swelling has gone down considerably, but there is an open wound on top of his foot with white showing through the skin. I've used hydorgen peroxide and betadine on it and he's licking it, so I think we're keeping infection at bay. I'm wondering if his toes are broken and if they will heal. He didn't make taking the picture easy - can you tell if I've done everything right?


I'm sorry. I wouldn't begin to advise you about broken bones and open wounds without seeing the cat. The picture is not very clear and doesn't give me much information except it definitely shows an open wound with possible tendons showing and needs vet attention.

A broken toe in a cat that doesn't involve an open wound generally heals on its own. Again, I can't tell from the picture, but it appears to be a wound that needs to be closed surgically.

Thank you,
Dr. Neely

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