Cat with bumps under her chin

by Lori


My 13 year old female tabby cat has a pink bump, about the size of a pencil eraser, under her chin. It began about 2 weeks ago as a brown/black crusty patch - there were several and still are but one turned into this lump.

I have seen the brown/black stuff before (it looked like dirt and I tried to pick it off in the past) She has been getting it for at least 12 months but it normally comes and then goes away. This time there was more and now the pink bump.

What should I do? She does seem to be eating less not a lot less...and has become increasingly picky about what she does eat. She weights about 7 lbs and was never any more then 8 lbs.

She is eating and will eat both hard and soft food. Thank you for your help...Lori and Moosey the Kitty ;)

Hi, Lori,

Sounds like she has feline acne. Try scrubbing her chin daily with a warm soft cloth. Also, if you are using plastic dishes for food or water, change to metal or glass or ceramic. Many cats have an allergy to plastic. Also, make sure her teeth are clean. If she needs a dental cleaning, that should be done because otherwise the heavy bacterial growth in her mouth can be affecting her chin as well through her food and water and bowls and saliva.

If it does not clear up after daily cleaning and change of dishes, etc. definitely see the vet. There is a special cream by prescription only that can be helpful in resistant cases.

Thank you for writing,
Dr. Neely

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