Cat With Fever Throwing Up

by a reader


I have an eight yr. old cat that started throwing up Friday. She was gagging and throwing up foamy looking liquid. I took her to the vet Sat. morning and they said she had a fever of 104.?. They tested her for felive leukemia since I had missed her vaccination and also tested for another kind of feline something. They both came back negative. They also are testing her for fip since her mother died of that about five to six yrs ago. She has no abdominal swelling or anything. They started her on the antibiotic clavamox and gave her rimidal or something like that to bring her fever down. They kept her over night and she didn't throw up any. She didnt eat anything because they gave her wet cat food and she only will eat dry meow mix. I took her home and they said her fever was gone and they would see her in seven to ten days. She didnt throw up any more sat and she ate some meow mix. I checked on her this morning and she had throw up cat food and foam again. She has thrown up two more times after that and it is foamy liquid stuff. I am very worried about her. Do you have any suggestions as to what you might think would be wrong with her or what to check? Your input would be greatly appreceated.


It could be a number of things at the moment including things as serious as FIP to something as simple as a reaction to the Clavamox. Instead of taking the time to list all the various possibilities, it is more important that I write quickly to you and urge you to take her back to the vet right away to have her temperature checked and get fluids and whatever other treatment they find she needs while they wait to get the FIP test result and perhaps run other diagnostic tests.

Let me know please how things go and I'm also happy to answer any further questions once you have her under vet care.

Good luck,
Dr. Neely

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