Cat with tar on paws

by Audrey Dunton
(Stapleton AL USA)

Somehow, my cat Sooty has gotten what looks like tree tar or resin on his paws. It smells like tree sap.

Sooty is an indoor cat so I don't know how he got this stuff on his paws. It is even between his toes. I have cut some of it off (very carefully) but there is still a lot on my poor cat's paws.

Is there some sort of solvent I can use to get rid of the rest of it?

Dear Audrey,

Any over-the-counter solvent you may be inclined to use that would be strong enough to dissolve the remaining tar or sap-like substance on your cat’s paws could also potentially kill your cat. Please do not use any over-the-counter solvents to try to remove this substance from your cat’s paws. I would strongly advise trip to the veterinarian for your vet to safely clip the fur and/or to make recommendations for how to clean him properly and safely.

All the best,
Dr. Neely

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