Cat with Tissue Growth on Neck

by Donna

My 14-year-old cat has a 3/8-inch long, finger-like growth on his neck. It's the same color as my cat's skin and looks hardly attached, but my kitty doesn't like it to be messed with. I'm wondering what it is, why it would be there and if it can just be pulled off. Also, could it be from a puncture wound? He is mainly an outdoor cat.

Dear Donna,

From your description, it sounds as though your kitty may have what is commonly known as a "skin tag." These, generally, are of no consequence to your cats health. For skin tags, I would recommend that you leave it alone, rather than pulling it off yourself.

I cannot know for certain whether a skin tag is what your cat has, though, without seeing him for an examination in person. If you are still concerned, and if the growth changes in size, shape, or color, please seek veterinary attention for your kitty.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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