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I became interested in photography at a very young age. From 4-H to Girl Scouts to school, every time I had to decide on a "project", I chose photography. And every time I had a photography project, I chose cats as my subject. I was obsessed, even at that early age, with figuring out how to capture the essence of the feline physique and spirit with my camera. It is not as easy as it may seem as I'm sure many of you know.

There are several different pages of cat pictures in this section of the website. Enjoy exploring your fellow readers' pages. Don't forget to come back to the form at the bottom of the page and submit your own kitty's picture plus/minus a few paragraphs about your cat.

Click Here for a wonderful example sent from a beautiful cat named Emily



FUNNY CAT VIDEOS is a selection of fun JibJab videos with cats as the stars!

PRETZEL CAT is the YouTube video sensation of Babycat, a cat who assumes quite an odd position while she is drinking water.

REALITY VIDEO SERIES is a series of informational videos about a variety of cat topics.

Here's a few more photos submitted by our readers. There's more after the form below. I hope you'll fill out the form and send us a photo of your own cat!

Hello There ....What is That?

What Other Readers Have Sent

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My name is Ebony and even though I have lot's of places I can sleep in that are comfy, this is my favorite spot. I will sit in the doorway and watch anyone …

Boo's Thank You 
I just wanted to thank you for choosing Boo as one of the winners in your last photo contest. When the UPS driver delivered a box to our door, Boo just …

Baby King 
King was born on MLK Day in 2011. There were 3 kittens and because we couldn't determine the sex that early we decided to name them Martin, Luther, and …

Redneck feeding! 
We found a litter of 6 kittens about a week old and had to bottle feed them around the clock. With only 2 of us and 6 of them the feedings were crazy! …

My New Family 
Hello, my name is Finlay and I THINK I am five weeks old.About two weeks ago, some humans took me from my mum and threw me out of a car. They left …

11 moggies 11 
Tahíta was my first cat ever.

kitty babyy

gawjus kitty 

Donny, my nonstop action guy. 
I have been fostering Donny from my local shelter for about nine months now. He is full of energy, enthusiasm and is curious about everything around …

Felix is a total lover boy. He's been with me almost 2 years, and I honestly don't know how I ever survived without him. He loves to wrestle with Merlin, …

The friendliest cat in the world!

Princess Missy 
Missy is our princess—plain and simple. Missy does not walk across the floor, but rather she sashays! Her fur feels like a baby bunny-rabbit, her whiskers …

Halima goes from Stray to Top Cat Mum 
Hey ho! I'm Halima (meaning Gentle). I was found by my now adopted humans about 5 weeks ago half dead and pregnant in the road in the desert near Abu Dhabi. …

Hello I'm Esta,This photograph was taken when we first moved out to France from the UK. We rented a tiny cottage until Mum and Dad found what they …

Our Sassy 
Sassy is our beautiful Persian. She is 6-7 years old. We adopted her from a person that no longer wanted her, for some reason. We now realize why. …

Our Patches 
Oh, is she a brat! She has a great personality, but she can be a brat. Santa gave her to our daughter for Christmas 2006. She had been asking for a …

I would like you to meet Shadow and Bella. 
I want to thank you for this site. You helped me figure out what was wrong with Bella and what to do to make her well again. We adopted Shadow two years …

Hi, my name is Cuddles, but you can call me Mouffinn! 
Look, I love mommy's tenor saxophone case! Hi, my name is Danielle but most of my friends call me Shadd. It's an old nickname. I stumbled across …

Kola from Indiana(devon rex) 
I got Kola from North Carolina after the first kitten i received passed away one week after getting her home. The owner of the cattery was nice and made …

Hello There.... What is that?  
This is Bo. His twin brother Bruce is out playing! Bo and Bruce love playing computer games and LOVE being the center of attention. They also double as …

Techno the Cat 
Techno is a loving, evil cat.Thank you for the great picture! Techno doesn't look very evil at all. He looks like a great big teddy bear! …

Hi, my name is Emily! 
Hello everyone!My name is Emily, and I am five years old! I live in a small town in Georgia, but I do not go outside very much. In fact, I am very …

(Cat) "Astro" (phe) 
Astro.Vocal, playful and hugely loving, he is always looking for attention.He is extraordinarily affectionate, the friendliest & most people-oriented …

Lucki- Niagara Falls 
I just want to thank you for having such a great website. I have something that makes my cat special. I have a stuffed animal from when I was a child …

Callie, North Carolina (3 mos. old) 
This is when I first got Callie. A year later, she still has a very inquisitive nature about her and is a world class love-bug! Many thanks to KT …

Kisses from Parker 
I rescued Parker from an overgrown back yard at an abandoned house a little over four and a half years ago. Her mother and siblings were no where to be …

Creamcicle Attempting to Straighten out her Fly Aways. 
Creamcicle is constantly cleaning her fur to keep it down and out of her face!

Cat in a Bag 
My cat is cuteeeee!! and about this picture, i didn't put it there, it automatically entered and slept inside! lol


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