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easter lily cat poisoning


Cat Poisoning is probably the furthest thing from our minds each Spring as we witness the flowers starting to bloom and shrubs, trees, and grass bursting with new growth.  However, this is exactly when our cats should be on our minds.

Some of the most common plants are leading causes of cat poisoning. One of the most toxic plants of all is the Easter lily. For Christians, Easter calls for rejoicing. The Easter lily can be a part of that celebration - but not near your cat!

Other species of the Lily family such as the Tiger lily, rubrum lily, Japanese show lily, Asiatic hybrid lily, some species of day lilies, and possibly other species of the family Liliaceae are also highly toxic to cats. Ingestion of these plants leads to cat kidney damage. All parts of the plant are considered toxic, and it takes less than one leaf to cause toxic reactions in your cat.

Within the first two to six hours of lily ingestion, a cat may begin to vomit, experience loss of appetite and appear depressed. The first signs to watch for in your cat are these intestinal signs. Unfortunately, these signs may go away, causing you to think your kitty is fine, but return within twelve to eighteen hours as feline kidney damage begins.

If your cat has ingested lilies, treatment consists of inducing vomiting to remove plant material from your cat's stomach as soon as possible. Administration of activated charcoal and of intravenous fluids is usually necessary.

Obviously, if you suspect your cat has ingested part of a lily plant, regardless of how small the amount, rushing to your veterinarian is absolutely essential. Postponing treatment for your feline friend for more than eighteen hours can result in cat kidney failure, and death.

Cat Poisoning requires prompt and aggressive veterinary care. With prompt treatment, full recovery is possible for your kitty. If treatment is delayed, permanent cat kidney damage will occur to varying degrees. Cats that are not diagnosed and/or treated at all will usually die within three to seven days.

DON'T let this happen to your cat! The best bet is to keep ALL plants away from cats. Lily toxicity is only one of many plant toxicities that occur in cats. The best plan is PREVENTION.

Celebrating All Seasons in Safe Ways,
Dr. Neely


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