Cats Behavior Toward His Housemate


by Nina Desrochers
(duncan bc canada)

I have 2 cats. One is 2 1/2 years old and the other one is about a year old. The older cat has always been an inside cat. We bought him from a pet store. The other cat was an outside cat before we got him. They both get along great together, always cuddling. They're both boys and both are fixed. We started to let them out a bit and they were pretty good. However, about 3 to 4 weeks ago my oldest cat went outside and didnt come back until now. He doesn't really want to be here. He keeps meowing at the door like he wants to go outside and hes hissing at the other cat. They used to be like best friends. I don't understand why he's acting like this. Can you pleeeaaaseee help me ?
Thank you so much.


Hi, Nina,

Your older cat got a taste of the "great outdoors", and now wants it all the time. That's why he hangs by the door.

Your two cats also smell differently now that one has been gone. That will create friction between them.

Also, your older cat's natural predatory instincts have been enhanced by his time outdoors. Hissing at his brother is part of his frustration and displaced aggression at not being able to chase real prey outdoors.

I would suggest keeping them indoors and using a spray bottle of water to discourage the older one from trying to get out the door. Keep a bottle inside and outside every door you use.

Every time you come in the door and he is anywhere near it, spray a gentle mist in his direction. Every time you go out the door and he is anywhere near the door, do the same. This is 100% effective if you are consistent. You have to do it every time and everyone in your household has to do it also.

When the two cats are hissing at each other, don't react. Your reaction only makes things worse. That includes your body language. Ignore them, don't shout or stomp or clap. If anything, laugh gently and say something encouraging to them or something totally nonsensical.

Try to create some enjoyable times for them to share together. A bit of catnip. A favorite toy. Something incredibly yummy to eat, placed in 2 separate bowls, but as close to each other as they tolerate.

Take an article of your own clothing, preferably a dirty one, and rub each cat down with it. Also, rub first one cat then the other with it and repeat. This will transfer your scent to both of them and their scent to each other. After being outside for so long, your older cat smells differently.

If you persist with these suggestions and have patience, chances are excellent the problem will be solved.

Thank you for writing,
Dr. Neely

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Cats Behavior is Strange After One Cat Went Missing

by deborah
(mobile, al)


Both of my Cats Behavior is strange after one cat went missing. We recently adopted two kittens from the local cat rescue coalition. they are aprox. 4 months old and have been inside since we got them two months ago. they sleep, eat and play together. Last night, the smaller female (calico), got out of the house and we finally found her today. After bringing her home, the brother (male) will have nothing to do with her and hisses and growls whenever she comes near. Even walking up to her occasionally and giving her a light slap. Yet he walked the house looking for her all night and morning. What's happened?

Hi, Deborah,

I recently answered a similar question which I think would be helpful to you. It can be found at the top of this page.

If you have additional questions after reading that, feel free to write back.

Thank you!

Dr. Neely

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