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She was destined to be a diva - She was Determine - died March 1 2015

It started as a normal day but something was a miss - her usual morning greeting went by - no hugs or a kiss We tempted her with food - even her favorite

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Precious Kidd 2013-2015

You only had two years baby girl, and i only knew you for a year of that short time, but i fell in love with your gentle kisses and big green eyes. I'd

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My Precious Boy - Mushu

It's been nearly 2.5 years since I lost my baby boy. I feel like my soul is being ripped apart still, so I try not to think about it, but then it sneaks

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oogie-boogie, 2002-2015

my 13 year old calico oogie-boogie who was an FIV cat passed on to the rainbow bridge nov.15,2015. she went into the next stages, stopped eating and drinking.

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God Bless You Cleo Cleo has Love and a Home in My Heart, and she has brought happeness, love, was a bright light into our lives and we will miss her.

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Tom (Mr. Cat) May 1980 - March 1998

We brought Tom home from the local shelter when he was just about 8 weeks old. From the very beginning, he was not a normal kitten. He loved to be with

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Re-introducing two cats to each other after a rough start

Hello, First I want to let you know that my English is not perfect, so I apologize if I make any mistakes. I have had a two year old female cat for almost

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Cat Introduction To New Kitten

What is the best way to introduce a new kitten(4months old) to two older cats(3 1/2yrs old and 8yrs old)? Hi, Tiffany, Congratulations on the new addition

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Cat Injury

A cat injury can come in many different shapes and sizes, involving different body parts and modes of injury, including cat lameness, cat wounds, much more.

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Introducing Pet Cats to Other Furry Friends

Introducing pet cats can be an overwhelming process, whether you're bringing them into a furry family with other cats or other pets. Read these tips for advice!

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You CAN Stop Fighting Cats and Have a Peaceful Home Again

Solving aggression problems between fighting cats is near the top of the feline behavior problems list. It is normal for outdoor cats to fight. But do you want that in your home? No!

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Is it time to put my elderly cat down?

Hi Doctor, I have an 18 year old cat who we have been struggling to keep healthy over the past couple of years. We almost lost him last year to an illness

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Cat Zoonotic Diseases

There are diseases that can be transmitted between humans and animals. Read this discussion of cat zoonotic diseases by Dr. Neely, an experienced cat doctor and cat lover

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Cat Ringworm: Understanding a Zoonotic Disease

Cat ringworm is a zoonotic disease that is a fairly common cause of hair loss in cats. Learn more about diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

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Going away on a long vacation- better to leave cat at home or with a friend?

Hi, Dr. Neely, My boyfriend and I are going on a vacation to Mexico for three weeks. Our roommate will not be home during the vacation or I would leave

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Is my cat mad at me?? :(

Hi Dr. Neely, I have a 4 year old cat Tala. I have her since she was 4 months old. She was kind and loving cat. She likes playing and still likes to

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Cat Clawing Furniture

QUESTION How can I stop our cat from clawing our leather lounge sofa? Do you have any suggestions! We are desperate! Thank you, Lisa Hi, Lisa, There

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Cat Asthma

Cat asthma is a very real and prominent concern. This chronic feline respiratory disease is much more serious than a cat coughing!

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Administering Feline Medications

Did you know there are many forms of feline medications available? Whether giving your cat a pill, liquid, chewable, or skin-applied drug, it's easy to find a way to administer vital cat medicine.

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Can't Catch My Cat to Take to the Veterinarian

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy reading your responses. You do a great service! I have a problem getting a five year old

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The best solution for cats and leather sofas?

Hello Dr. Neely, My girlfriend is moving in with me and she has two cats. I have read about waterguns, electric deterrents, sofa covers, citrus scents,

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Elderly Cat Not Eating: A Euthanasia Decision

When your elderly cat stops eating, drinks very little, and is deteriorating before your eyes, how do you proceed with his care?

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Kitten Weight Chart

A kitten weight chart can help you determine whether your newborn kitten is gaining enough weight. This can be a huge indicator of proper health and development!

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Feline Anal Glands Problem

Feline Anal Glands are often an unknown anatomical part of the cat's body to their human caretakers. Potential problems include impaction which can lead to infection and even abscess and rupture.

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Feline Stroke: It DOES Exist and Can Have a Good Prognosis

Yes, there is such a thing as a Feline Stroke. It's being recognized more and more recently. Learn about the risk factors and treatment because a cat stroke can have a very good prognosis!

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Feline Weight Loss: When Your Cat Losing Weight Isn't Normal

Feline weight loss is a concern at any age, When a cat is losing weight unintentionally, there is something wrong, but it may be very treatable if caught early.

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Cat Health: Eyes

When it comes to cat health, eyes play a very important part. Many different disease conditions can affect your cat's eyes. Knowing what is normal will let you see abnormalities in your kitty's eyes.

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Cat Heart Disease

It comes as no surprise that your cat has a heart, but did you know that any feline can develop cat heart disease? Learn more about the types, symptoms, and treatment options available.

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Feline FIP: Understanding a Deadly Cat Virus

I painfully learned of Feline FIP, feline infectious peritonitis, long before becoming a veterinarian. FIP in cats is heartbreaking, but sometimes, there is hope.

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Cat Diabetes: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Are you wondering if your favorite feline friend has cat diabetes? Are you scared? Learn about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of feline diabetes so your cat can lead a long, healthy life.

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Cat Elimination Problems

Cat Elimination Problems are the most frequent behavioral problems. Urinating or defecating outside the box frustrates many cat owners. Dr. Shelby Neely has decades of experience with this problem

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Feline Bad Breath: What It Means

Is feline bad breath bothering you? Or maybe you don't know if your cat has bad breath or not .... Learn about this silent killer and what you need to do to protect your cat.

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New Cute Cat Video!

In our newest YouTube video, an adorable Persian cat learns to wave on command using cat training methods including clicker training and positive reinforcement!

Cats can learn how to do a number of tricks and commands, whether its cat toilet training, sitting, staying, or even interesting little tricks, like "waving", "shaking paws", or "rolling over". Cats are just as trainable as dogs!

Check it out here:



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Taking Care of Kittens

Taking Care of Kittens is simple if Mother Cat is able to and does her job well, but that is not always the case.There are things that you, as human Mom, need to monitor to keep all safe and healthy.

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Cat Behavior: Funny or Downright Frustrating?

Does cat behavior puzzle you? Are you just curiousabout the things your cat does? Or do you need to change a really undesirable behavior that your kitty is exhibiting? We've got lots of answers!

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An Introduction to Feline Illnesses and other Cat Health Problems

This introduction to Feline Illnesses and other cat health problems explains what makes cats get sick and what can be done to help them. Includes a table of the major feline diseases.

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FIV: Understanding Cat AIDS

FIV, also known as Cat Aids, is one of several viruses that can be deadly for your cat. Learn more about what it is, how it's diagnosed, and what to expect for a positive cat..

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World Cat Day 2014

Friday, August 8, 2014 is the best day of the year. Why? Well, it's World Cat Day!

World Cat Day was founded in 2002 by the IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare). It's a day to celebrate all things related to our furry friends.

It seems unfair that, although our cats have been our friends for over 9,500 years, we've only been celebrating our connection with them for the last 12. But for us cat lovers, every day is a celebration.

Please join us on Facebook today to share why you love your cats and ways you might celebrate today!

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Cat Diarrhea: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Cat Diarrhea is one of the most frequent reasons cats are taken to the vet. There are many causes, and treatment of feline diarrhea requires a proper diagnosis and a dose of patience for the owner.

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Newborn Kitten Care

Newborn Kitten Care can be both one of the most exciting experiences you've ever had and one of the most devastating. Learn why and how to do it right!

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Feline Sneezing: Causes and Treatment

Feline sneezing almost always results from upper respiratory infections, “feline colds”. These infections are most often caused by feline viruses. But they can be much more serious than our "colds".

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Hyperthyroidism in Cats: So Treatable if Diagnosed Early

Hyperthyroidism in cats is a common and serious disease. Fortunately, cat thyroid problems are very treatable if it is diagnosed early. Learn the signs of feline thyroid disease now!

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Sweepstakes Giveaways and Cat Contests

Ask The Cat Doctor sweepstakes giveaways and cat contests are a fun way to celebrate your love of cats and win great prizes for yourself and the felines in your life!

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Tiger Teasers Interactive Cat Toy

The Tiger Teasers interactive cat toy is among our newest and favorite toys! Learn why our cats love them here!

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Cat Tree Review: The Cat Power Tower

A cat tree tree is a simple structure designed to make use of that unused vertical space in your home to enrich your kitty’s life. The Cat Power Tower, though, is much more than a simple cat condo.

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A Cat with Cancer - Difficult Decisions

A Cat with Cancer brings sadness and difficult decisions to its human loved ones. This case involving feline adenocarcinoma of the mammary glands illustrates this well.

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Cat drooling and bad breath after cat fight

My cat came back from outdoors the day before yesterday and had obviously been fighting with another cat. Since then he is drooling loads and his breath

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My son's beloved cat was hit by a car today and died. My son was home from school because he was sick and he noticed his sweet buddy hadn't been around

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WEEZER - The Light of Our Lives, 1995-2013 RIP

Weezer was the light of our lives. He made us complete and showed us how to truly love ourselves, others, and all other creatures. He can never be replaced,

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