Changing a queen cats nesting spot

Hello. My 1 year old female cat just had a litter of 4 kittens 2 days ago. She chose her nesting spot under the cupboard. I prepared a comfortable nesting box for her set in a dark and quiet warm corner. I have tried to make her used to it and putting her kittens in them. She sits there for about 5 minutes feeding them and then takes them back to the cupboard. I don't think its warm enough there, nor can I check for the kitten's health. Is there any way I could make her change her nesting spot? Thank you for any advice.

If there are some cracks in the cupboard you can seal, or if you could add a cat bed and warm blankets for her to keep both mom cat and the kittens warm, it would be best to just allow your cat to keep her kittens in the cupboard. Ultimately, the mother cat is going to raise her kittens where she wants to, so it’s best to just do all you can to make the area your cat has chosen as warm and soft as possible.

Best wishes to you, new mom cat, and her kittens,
Dr. Neely

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