Charlie Age 15 (ish) Died 21 June 2010

by Lorraine

Charlie died suddenly today. She was so much a part of the family... and so very much loved.
We cannot describe how much we will both miss you, our darling Charlie.

Comments for Charlie Age 15 (ish) Died 21 June 2010


Im so sorry for your loss, i too lost my baby boy gus on april 22, 2010, he was about 15 or older .I don't know about you but i have never experienced pain like this before.

by: Anonymous

Thank you Kirin Kat.Today will be our 4th day without her and we are feeling so lost, but we know, deep down she is no longer in pain and to put her to rest was the kindest thing we could do.

by: Kirin Kat

Oh I am so sorry to hear about sweet Charlie!! But that is a good long time to share your life with a sweetheart of a furiend!! My heart and Smokey Joe's heart are with you AND they are together now over the Rainbow Bridge! Happy and playing with no pain! We love you Charlie!!

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