Chester, My Baby Cat October 7, 2011

by Bethany



Chester showing his goofy side

Chester showing his goofy side

Chester showing his goofy side

Chester was like my baby. Last August, we were at the animal shelter looking at kittens and there was this tiny orange two-month-old kitten that just looked up into my eyes. It was like he chose me. From then on he was my baby.

Chester was the sweetest little thing. He had a loud purr that seemed to never stop. Chester and I grew closer and closer and though I was never a cat person, I was a Chester person.

When Chester was older, he became a hunter. He was the best hunter we have ever had and he was this small orange cat. Chester was really friendly and liked everybody. He was a favorite among my family and our neighbors.

Chester was mainly an outdoor cat but he did come indoors. You could hold him like a baby and he would just purr and purr. I was his Mama Cat. When Chester was about a year and four months old, he was hit by a car.

I miss him so much. I have been crying for the past three days. I haven't seen him since September 17 since I have been in college. I didn't even get to say good bye.

It doesn't feel real and I guess I am still in shock. It basically came out of the blue, I thought I had years left with him.

Once I was upset and Chester pushed my door open and basically cuddled me until I felt better. He was an amazing cat that I only got to know for a little over a year.

Chester was a skinny, long orange cat, whose entire body was filled with love. Chester, I will love you forever and I know you will always be with me in my heart, and from above.

Comments for Chester, My Baby Cat October 7, 2011

by: melody

Im so sorry for your loss. Chester really sounded like a special kitty. Those are few and far between.
You will see your Chester again one day. He will always be with you.

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