by chrissi

I have just lost my beautiful very special cat Chester and my friend. I miss you so much. He was a very loving loyal friend, so comical. I am honored that he chose me and we had twelve fabulous years. I have enjoyed every single moment.

Chester, you will always be in my heart. Be free. I always love you my cherished Chester and thank you for being my cat friend, My feral Rest in peace. xxx

Comments for Chester

My Katie
by: Dee

My heart weeps for you. Chester is now looking at you and wondering why you are sad. He can't believe the wonderful place he is in. He is young, has all the food he can eat and has so many new Katie is one of them. She left for Rainbow on this date one year believe me she knows her way around up there. I hope Chester likes a full figured kitty.....cuz my Katie will bring Mae West to mind. She's a kind soul so don't you worry about Chester..he's in good paws.

You're in my thoughts
by: Kirin Kat

I was so sorry to hear about your dear Chester. You had him for a very long 12 years, and we know our pets are only on borrowed time. We wish we never have to say goodbye but we know in our hearts we'll always remember them through words and love. I am most certain that Chester is now up over Rainbow Bridge playing with my Smokey Joe and they are having a wonderful time!

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