My son's beloved cat was hit by a car today and died. My son was home from school because he was sick and he noticed his sweet buddy hadn't been around all morning. He started calling for him, then checked outside to see if maybe he was out there. He went into the front and noticed his remains in the street.

He is devastated. He has had Chin since he was only 18 months old. They have been inseparable since then. Chin followed him everywhere, like a puppy, and cried when he went to school. He wrote school papers about him, took photos of him, and had me make t-shirts with his favorite friend on the front.

My son is 14 years old and is in terrible grief about this sudden loss. He feels guilty, angry, sad and thinks he can't imagine ever not being this sad about his best friend no longer sitting with his paw on his hand as he typed on his computer, or sitting on his head while he played video games, or fighting off monsters downstairs when he wanted something from the kitchen in the middle of the night.

You will never be forgotten Chin. Thank you for loving my son.

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Chin NEW
by: Mike

I feel your loss. As long as you keep his memory in your hearts he will remain with you. Many many cats have come and gone in my life. Some stayed until old age and some died quite young. I have cherished each one and each one remains in my thoughts. Chin will always be a part of you.

by: Mary

Poor you how awful. My thoughts go out to you. What a lovely picture of Chin. My cat Tinkerbell was run over in August so I know how you feel. It will get easier as time goes on but you will always have fond memories of your cat.

by: Crimson's mommy

Darling child, my heart bleeds for your loss. No words can comfort, no hugs can is almost 1 year since i lost my darling boy, and my heart aches afresh. All i can say is, i have an idea of how you feel but I am so blessed as were you to have had these special treasures in our lives... hold on to the happy memories sweetheart.

by: Jennifer

What a beautiful boy chin was . I can only imagen how sad you an your son must be. He has known chin for as long as he can remember so I am sure it is like losing a member of the family for him. All the emotions he is going through are natural I think we all go through them at times like these. He should not blame himself for some dummy running over chin some people are just jerks or maybe it was an accident. Maybe getting him a new kitty when you think he is ready will help him with the lose of chin it could never replace him I am sure but it would be a whole new kitty love sometimes it helps . An I believe we will see all our loved ones again someday when it is are time to join them until then hold on to your memories of chin .

by: gwyneth

I really feel bad for your son my son is older but Weezer was picked by him named by him for a band. He also had t-shirts with Weezer on it. His cat sat on his bed with him every day.Your son is hurting, but I want you to tell him to put the guilt away. No matter how Chin died we all feel guilt and it's not right. We think what if we caught Weezers illness sooner we could have saved him. In every death there is this thought of it's my fault. To this I just say love. Replace this terrible feeling with love of the fun you had with Chin. I know this because I have suffered terribly. Anger,sadness,guilt,depression,shock. These are bad emotions when taken on will only cause more pain. The loss is enough. Tell your son to forgive himself. And remember the good things he did with chin. If necessary take him to a professional grief counselor. Chin was lucky to have a boy who loved him so much. Much love to you both. gwyneth

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