Chronic Diarrhea in Kitten

by Jay
(North Brunswick, NJ)

I understand that you have addressed the issue of diarrhea elsewhere, but this case is unique… We have a 5 month old kitten, who was found as a stray. He is perfectly healthy in almost all respects. His appetite is perfect, as well as his activity level. He shows no signs of distress. We have gone through every conceivable fecal and blood test imaginable and food source, but still cannot find the answer.

He has never had a normal stool. It is always soft and almost unformed at best, and at worst, completely loose.

Our vet has tried everything, to no avail. Do you have any ideas that we can try?

Thank you in advance.


Dear Jay,

At his age, it is very likely that your kitten has parasites, even if every fecal has been negative. My recommendation would be to ask your vet if you could treat your kitten for Coccidia, Giardia, and basic roundworms, hookworms, etc. all at the same time. We typically use Albon for Coccidia (given once daily for 21 days), Metronidazole for Giardia, and pyrantel pamoate as a general dewormer (given once daily for 5 days and repeated once 10 days later).

Treating for all possible parasites at once will most likely resolve the issue. I’ve never had a case of chronic diarrhea in kittens that has not been cured with this regimen.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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