Cougar 16 yrs old - died 1993

by Carlysmom
(Philadelphia PA USA)

COUGAR was our family pet for 15 years. My two sons loved him unbelievably. They took care of him and treated him like another brother!

He was a sweetheart. He loved to sleep on my bed and lay on my lap as soon as I sat down.

I talked to him all the time. He didn't demand or require much at all.

When it became time for him to be put down, I was sad and upset. I didn't want to let him go. It was an awful time. I grieved for a very long time. I still miss him so much, and its been 18 years! And even though I've had a few other cats, and one that I still have now for over 15 years and she is so close to me.

I hope Cougar is in kitty heaven enjoying himself.
I love him and miss him immeasurably. He was a love!


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